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Welcome to the Fugu Docs. If you've landed here, you probably already know what Fugu is. If that's the case and you already have a Fugu account, learn how to track your first event.

If you don't know what Fugu is, you're about to find out: Fugu is a product analytics software with a strong focus on simplicity and privacy-friendliness. It's also free, open-source and simple to self-host.

We believe that product analytics and privacy can co-exist, and that tracking in a privacy-friendly way yields more than enough insights to understand how your users use your app and how you can improve it.

The focus on privacy-friendliness and simplicity translates to a few things: First, Fugu never tracks any personally identifiable information such as IP addresses. Second, Fugu is made for people who don't need fancy product analytics tools but prefer a set of easy-to-use features over a complex user experience.